Our Process—Assess, Measure, Improve

At S&L Solutions, our “Results Driven Assessment” is performed on-site by operations experts who evaluate, recommend, and implement strategies to help you remain competitive and improve your profitability.

Our review of your existing business operations will identify specific areas to improve efficiency, realize cost savings, and increase revenues. In some cases, we’ve helped independent owners and chain businesses realize increases of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual bottom line profitability.

We’re driven by the philosophy that our success is measured solely upon the performance of our programs at each client’s location. In addition, we place a high premium on client satisfaction.

Assess—Evaluating Your Performance

For over 30 years, our management team has been providing high-level consulting services to leadership teams and decision-makers for retail businesses, health systems, and pharmacies nationwide. Through our “Assess. Measure. Improve.” approach, we provide you with a results-driven analysis that evaluates the performance of your current retail business as well as determining the viability and sustainability of proposed new locations.

The S&L “Results-Driven Assessment” is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of key areas that will directly impact the success of your retail initiatives.

Our evaluation process includes:

  • On-Site Assessment for Current and Proposed New Locations
  • Comprehensive Review of Existing Systems and Processes
  • Analysis of Fiscal Controls (Purchasing/Inventory/Receivables)
  • Assessment of Operations, Work Flow and Labor Utilization
  • Third Party Management Review and Regulatory Compliance
  • Review of Existing Marketing/Communication Strategies

MeasureProviding Quality Analysis

We’re also your trusted resource for measuring key factors that positively impact profitability and discover inefficiencies that lead to lost revenue, decreased profitability, and negative cash flow. Each specific area of focus is outlined and a projection or specific estimate of monetary impact is attributed to improving each area.

Each key indicator is measured with comparisons to similar size organizations to provide accurate and detailed evaluations.

Research and Measurement Areas include:

  • Market Research, Viability and Sustainability Studies
  • Competition-Based Research and Comparisons
  • Evaluation of Systems, Processes and Operational Efficiencies
  • Inventory Management and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Buying Practices, Cost of Goods Sold, and Supply vs. Demand Analysis
  • Labor Costs and Employee Benefit Management
  • Technology/Automation Utilization Review
  • Inventory Volume Discount Levels and Savings Capture Rates
  • Third Party Management Review

In addition, we perform an overall review of your reconciliation procedures and current exposure risks.

Improve—Defining A Clear Path to Success

Specific recommendations may include:

  • Improved Workflow to Maximize Utilization of Labor
  • Implementation of Programs to Increase Revenue
  • Strategies for Home Delivery and Other Initiatives
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Enhancements to Regulatory and Third Party Processes to Minimize Risk
  • Implementation of Proven Marketing/Communication Strategies

As your partner, we will remain engaged as an on-site resource to help implement and execute the recommended action plan.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

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