Acquiring Talent for your Company

Tired of wasting your time and resources interviewing poor candidates for a position you’re trying to fill? We can help.

At S&L Solutions, we specialize in talent acquisition services to help you save valuable time and money, while providing you with a network of exceptional, reputable employees, and performance-based results.

Unlike recruiting or job placement services, talent acquisition is a continuous strategy to help you find the right specialists or future executives for your organization. We focus on long-term personnel planning to find the best candidates for positions requiring a specific skillset.

While we work across various sectors in the marketplace, one of our focus areas is pharmacy talent acquisition. You can fill your pharmacist staffing needs quickly and easily with help from our pharmacy consulting professionals:

  • Established Network of Personally Interviewed Pharmacists
  • Client-Defined Performance Standards
  • Candidates Experienced in all practice settings
  • Unlimited Scheduling Options and Flexibility, from one day to direct hire
  • S&L Fee includes processing of all Employee Paperwork, Payroll and Documentation
  • All services backed by S&L Solutions’ Performance Assurance

Two Great Options:

  • Pharmacist Placement—Invest in a one-time search fee and we’ll find the perfect candidate for the position you need to fill.
  • Pharmacist Staffing—Partner directly with us. We’ll provide you with a qualified member of our S&L pharmacy staff.

Want to Work Together?

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